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domenica 1 gennaio 2023

2022 un mucchio di musica

 Come da antica tradizione questo blog apre il nuovo anno con la musica e il meglio dell'underground secondo il mio modesto parere. In questo primo post sull'argomento ho inserito - come sempre - una buona quantità di album usciti nell'anno appena chiuso (il terrificante 2022) che si sono posizionati giusto a ridosso della Top Ten, della quale si tratterà nel prossimo post. Ad alcuni lettori potrebbero sembrare troppi 250-300 dischi in una classifica di fine anno, tuttavia soprattutto in questi ultimi anni ho riscontrato un certo deciso incremento della quantità e soprattutto della qualità delle pubblicazioni musicali. Magari ci sono pochi album effettivamente memorabili ma la qualità generale mi pare si sia un po' alzata ultimamente. Se da un lato la pandemia e il lockdown hanno indubbiamente incattivito l'umanità a tutti i livelli, al contempo l'arte e la musica in particolare hanno dato invece il meglio, pescando forse l'ispirazione dalle privazioni e dai disastri dovuti a virus, guerra, crisi economica e surriscaldamento della terra. Comunque sia qui sotto potete scorrere una cospicua lista di dischi rock, punk, metal, hardcore e forse anche pop che mi sono piaciuti in questo infame 2022. Per selezionare questi 250 album ne ho dovuto ascoltare e scartare migliaia. Purtroppo però un buon centinaio non sono riuscito ad ascoltarli in tempo utile e resteranno per sempre nel limbo. Pazienza.

Buon ascolto, se si va.

Un bel mucchio di roba musicale tra le cose migliori che ho ascoltato nel 2022, in ordine alfabetico invertito (per cambiare un po' almeno una volta) e confondere la carte in tavola:

Zatyr - Where Light Would Not Dare

XCIII - Void

Wyvern - Radiations

Wovenhand - Silver Sash

Wormrot - Hiss

Wolvespirit - Change the World

White Ward -  False Light

White Rune - Dawn of the White Rune

Wednesday 13 - Horrifier

Washington Dead Cats - Monkey Brain

Warpath - Disharmonic Revelations

Warfare - Doomsday

Von Hertzen Brothers - Red Alert In The Blue Forest

Vidro - Glod

Vetust - 1914-1918

Vapaudenristi - Kultainen Häkki

Valors - Everyday Saints

Utopie - Second Figure

Urkraft - The True Protagonist

UltraBomb - Time To Burn

Twin Pigs - Godspeed, Little Shit-Eater

Truckerfucker - Stjernesmell

Traitor - Last Hope for the Wretched

Totally Unicorn High Spirit Low Life

Titus Andronicus - The Will to Live

Therion - Leviathan II

The Whiskey Bats - Flesh Eaters

The Warning - ERROR

The Virus - System Failure

The Uninvited Guests - Dirty, Filthy, Wrecked And Still Rocking

The Troops of Doom - Antichrist Reborn

The Spirit - Of Clarity and Galactic Structures

The Smoke Breaks - White Hot Electric Daddy

The Smile - A Light for Attracting Attention

The Slow Death - Casual Majesty

The Oxys - A Date With The Oxys

The Oddballs - Tales of Error

The Manges - Book Of Hate For Good People

The Loveless - Wild In The Streets

The Linda Lindas - Growing Up

The Hated - What Was Behind

The Greed - Defy The System

The Good The Bad & The Zugly - Research And Destroy

The God Bombs - Supernovas

The Dream Syndicate - Ultraviolet Battle Hymns and True Confessions

The Crowned Lions - Time Passes By

The Chasm - The Scars of a Lost Reflective Shadow

The Centaurs Of Attention - The Noise These Days

The Butt Plug Babies - Fully Lubed

The Blue Chevys - Moving On

Terror - Pain Into Power

Temple of Nihil - Psalms Of The Omnivorous Flame

Strange Pop - Ten Years Gone

Stormstress - Silver Lining

Steak - Acute Mania

Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions - Knackers Yard

Sports Team - Gulp!

Spore - Rabid Intent

Spiral Skies - Death Is but a Door

Spektrvm - Blood for Heaven

Speedfreak - Fast Lane Livin'

Space Parasites - The Spellbound Witch

Space Panther - Glamdemic!

Sovjet War - Psychopuppets

Soulfly - Totem

Snake Church - The Gospel

Smoker Dad - Smoker Dad


Slaughterday - Tyrants of Doom

Sky Fault - Sky Fault

Sick Militia - The Next War

Shrooms Circle - The Constant Descent

Shoot The Dogs - Still At The Same Place

Shivar - Astraia

Shiv - Izhod

Serpentfyre - Baptism Of Shadows

Septicflesh – Modern Primitive

Semifer - Insane Death Cults

Savage Master - Those Who Hunt At Night

Sadistic Ritual - The Enigma, Boundless

Sacrifizer - Le Diamant De Lucifer

Sack - Ripper!

Rumkicks - PUNK Is Nowhere front

Ruine - Révolte et Crânerie Paysanne

Ruinas - Resurrekzion

Rot TV - Tales of Torment

Roadkiller - Pick of the Litter

Risk - Monologue of Misery

Replication - Black Hole Horizon

Redahead - My Freak Show

Professional Againsters - Kill A Punk For Rock 'n' Roll

Plague Mind - Plague Mind

Perblind - The Dead And The Living

Pekelne kone - Vsetko pominie

ÖPNV - Deutsch Funk Revolte

Outdate - In Ruins

Organa - Marschfraktur

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Nihilist Notes

Only Emptiness - Seize the Day

Onenightstand - Decadent

Ohyda - Pan Bóg Spełni Wszystkie Pragnienia Lewaków​.​.​. I Dojdzie Do Katastrofy!

No Matrix - Assemblage

Ninthshaft - Bermuda

NERVY - Nikdy jsme si nebyli rovni, ani ve smrti nebudeme

Necro Ritual - Bysmer

Napalm Death - Resentment is Always Seismic - a final throw of Throes

Myteri - lllusion

Mutha Trucka - The Dead Sessions

Mute Ocean - Caravan

Mudblood - Exist Or Fade?

Mournful Moon - Rose Velvet Dynasty

Mork - Den Svevende Festning

Morbus Grave-Lurking into Absurdity

Moral Panic - Validation

Moonshine Wagon - Self-Destruction

Mondo Cozmo - This is for the Barbarians

Molder - Engrossed In Decay

Moira - Bi Polar 

Mock Execution - Killed By Mock Execution

Mitski - Laurel Hell

Misfired - Living Grey

Mindforce - New Lords

Mighty Tsar - Just a Bagatelle

Merkúr - Melancholia

Mercy Music - Melody and Truth

Medieval Demon - Black Coven

Madrugada - Chimes At Midnight

Lumpen - Corrupcion

LPS - Constant Cold War

Loose Fit - Social Graces

Lipstick - Inner City

Lawful Killing - The First Division

Lassie - Behold

Kvaen - The Great Below

Kulhu & The Vigilantes - Good Day To Die

Kreuzung - Bücherwurm

Kreator - ‎Hate Über Alles

Knice - Cornershop Spud Gun

Kill Shelter - Asylum

Keldian - The Bloodwater Rebellion

Kalte Nacht - Kalte Nacht

Johnossi - Mad Gone Wild

John Craigie - Mermaid Salt

JJ's Country - The Originals

Jay and the Cooks - Dried up Dreams

Jack White - Fear Of The Dawn

Jack White - Entering Heaven Alive

Iron Guts Kelly - Good Luck, Get Fucked

Infected Rats - Wake Up Break Out

Inclination - Unaltered Perspective

Ignite - Ignite

I AM - Eternal Steel

Hurray For The Riff Raff - Life on Earth

Hulder - The Eternal Fanfare

Hot Water Music Feel the Void

Horned Wolf - Become Like They Are

Holocausto War Metal - Made In War

Hellshock - Hellshock

Heilung - Drif

Hegemone - Voyance

Heavy Gus - Notions

Härdrocker - Rider of the Night

Hammerfall - Hammer of Dawn

Gutser - Spill Everything

Guppy - Big Man Says Slappydoo

Green-Blue - Paper Thin

Grave Violator - Reet

Glaas - Qualm

Ghost Of The Machine - Scissorgames

Ghost Keeper - We Conquer!

Get Some - And Then You Die

Generation Kill - MKUltra

Gehenna - Negative Hardcore

Gasoline - The Orange Album

Funeral Chic - Roman Candle

Full Scale Overload - Situation Sickness

Franklin County Trucking company -  The Latest Adventures Of The...

Flummox - Rephlummoxed

Florence + the Machine - Dance Fever

Flagras - Lohe

Fake Palms - Lemons

Fake Makeup - Ugly Tonight

Exul - Path To The Unknown

Exilium Noctis - Fragments Of Apocalypse

Eteraz - Villain

Epoch Of Unlight - At War With The Multiverse

Envy Of None - Envy of None

Eiskristall - Is

Eden Synthetic Corps - The Encyclopaedia Of Black Sleep

Eat the Bitch - ZERFALL

Eastern Moths - Moshiach

Dust Biters - Guilt

Dropkick Murphys - This Machine Still Kills Fascists

Dread Messiah - Dread Messiah

Donna Cannone - Donna Cannone

Doldrey - Celestial Deconstruction

Dodge - Hate Disease

Dissident - Shred

Die Verlierer - Die Verlierer

Diabolical Raw - Elegy of Fire Dusk

Depopulation Department -  Starvation

Degress - Mitraljezus

Deceit Machine - Spettri

Deathhammer - Electric Warfare

Deathfiend - Beyond Life

Darkened - The Black Winter

DARK CIRCLES - Frantic Death

Daeva - Through Sheer Will and Black Magic

D.I. - State Of Shock

Critical Defiance - No Life Forms

Crisix - Full HD

Crisis Actor - False Flag

Crime of Passing - Crime of Passing

Crematory – Inglorious Darkness

Cosmic Ocean - Through the Farthest Space

Convert - Saves

Comeback Kid - Heavy Steps

Coffin Crew - Coffin Crew

Cloud Rat - Threshold

Circle Creek - The World Is On Fire

Celesterre - Earth

Celeste - Assassine(s)

Ceaseless Torment - Victory or Death

Cease Fire - So Sick

Caron Dimonio - Porno Post Mortem

Carnal Ruin - Soulless I Remain

Cancerslug - Full Term Abortions

Buster Shuffle - Go Steady

Bullbar - Fat Rats

Brutalfly - I Was an Experiment

Brunhilde - 27

Böllverk - Heading For The Crown

Boudicca - Tapestry

Blodsvart - Ära des Zorns

Blodskam - Ave Eva

Bloc Party - Alpha Games 

Black Widows - Among the Brave Ones

Black River - Generation aXe

Bistro Boys - Fight Pride Hate

Bishop Green - Black Skies

BillyBio - Leaders And Liars

Billy Talent - Crisis of Faith

Bigger Neater - Genocidal Maniac!

Belphegor - The Devils

BECRAH - Βωμός μιας αλήθειας

Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse - Good Times End Times

Bäd Influence - End7Eit

Battlesword - Towards the Unknown

Barbarian - Viperface

Bad Nasty - Chaos is Order

B.O.T.G. - Stomping Boots & Skinhead Anthems

Axids - Kids With An Axe

Assault - A Blind Eye

Ancestral Sin - Social Hate Speech

Ancestor of Kaos - Ancestor of Kaos

Amon Amarth - The Great Heathen Army

Alter Bridge - Pawns & Kings

Alexisonfire - Otherness

Agrotoxico - XX

Aeviterne - The Ailing Facade

Acidez - In Punk We Thrash

Abyssus - Death Revival

Absurd - Schwarze Bande

Abbath - Dread Reaver

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