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mercoledì 19 gennaio 2011

i 150 dischi per l'isola deserta

In ordine quasi sparso, a seconda dell'umore e della concentrazione di polveri sottili nell'aria...un album per gruppo per non annoiarsi troppo...
1.JOY DIVISION - unknown pleasures
2.BAUHAUS - mask
3.CHRISTIAN DEATH - only theatre of pain
4.THE CURE - 17 seconds
5.SEX GANG CHILDREN - song and legend
7.T.S.O.L. - dance with me
8.UK DECAY - for madmen only
9.MISFITS - walk among us
10.SISTERS OF MERCY - first and last and always

11.THE CRAMPS - psychedelic jungle
12.GUN CLUB - fire of love
13.THE CULT - love
14.MADRUGADA - industrial silence
15.SCREAMING TREES - uncle anesthesia
17.FUGAZI - 13 songs
18.MIRACLE WORKERS - insideout
19.KILLING JOKE - what's this for
20.TAMMUZ- yezidi

21.DIEMONSTERDIE - honor thy dead
22.SUNDOWN - design 19
23.ROME - flowers from exile
24.LACRIMOSA - elodia
25.HANK RAY - barbeque of souls
26.LAKE OF TEARS - forever autumn
27.MONSTER  a bash dem/ gone gone gone
28.PALE FOREST - exit mould
29.THANATOS - blisters
30.THE SMITHS - the queen is dead

31.CHAMELEONS - script of the bridge
32.WIPERS - is this real?
33.SHE WANTS REVENGE - she wants revenge
34.THERION - theli
36.GATHERING - if then else
37.DRESDEN DOLLS - dresden dolls
38.CELTIC FROST - into the pandemonium
39.VOIVOD - dimension hatross
40.DEAD CAN DANCE - dead can dance

41.PINK TURNS BLUE - ghost
42.MONO INC. - pain, love & poetry
43.SOPOR AETERNUS - dead lovers' sarabande
44.DEVIL DOLL - queen of pain
45.45 GRAVE - sleep in safety
46.PINK FLOYD - the wall
47.B 52'S - wild planet
48.ULTRAVOX - vienna
49.DANZIG - 4
50.DAMNED - damned damned damned

51.KATZENJAMMER KABARETT - grand guignol & varietes
52.SAVIOUR MACHINE - legend pt. III
53.NINE - lights out
54.TUBEWAY ARMY - replicas
55.JAPAN - quiet life
56.POLICE - reggatta de blanc
57.BRONX CASKET CO. - bronx casket co.
58.DEAD KENNEDYS - fresh fruit for rotting vegetables
59.FLESHEATERS - forever came today

61.BLONDE REDHEAD - melody of certain damaged lemon
62.AVANGED SEVENFOLD - waking the fallen
63.WEEZER - weezer (the blue album)
64.FRANZ FERDINAND - you could have it so much better
65.KAISER CHIEFS - employment
66.THE CLASH - london calling
67.ARCTIC MONKEYS - whatever people say I am...
68.STROKES - is this it?
69.PRETENDERS - pretenders
70.WHITE LIES - to lose my life

71.JIMMY EAT WORLD - futures
72.BELLADONNA - the noir album
73.NYMPHS - nymphs
74.EMILIE AUTUMN - opheliac
75.NOFX - punk in drublic
76.TIGER ARMY - III ghost tigers rise
77.MADDER MORTEM - eight ways
78.RAMMSTEIN - reise reise
79.DISCHARGE - hear nothing see nothing say nothing
80.BLACK FLAG -  damaged

81.SOCIAL DISTORTION - prison bound
82.RAMONES - rocket to russia
83.BAD RELIGION - suffer
84.DEVO - freedom of choice
85.KILLERS - hot fuss
86.U2 - war
87.G.B.H - city baby attacked by rats
88.EXPLOITED - troops of tomorrow
89.THE MUFFS - the muffs
90.MOTORHEAD - ace of spades

91.SLAYER - reign in blood
92.METALLICA - master of puppets
93.MOONSPELL - irreligious
94.BLACK SABBATH - black sabbath
95.STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - inflammable material
96.CALABRESE - 13 halloweens
97.TRISTANIA - beyond the veil
98.DARK TRANQUILLITY - projector
99.CREEPSHOW - sell you soul
100.MOTOCASTER - stay loaded

101.PIXIES - trompe le monde
102.THIN WHITE ROPE - exploring the axis
103.CATHERINE WHEEL - ferment
104.MUSE - absolution
105.DOGWOOD - building a better me
106.TRUSTY - the fourth wise man
107.CIV - thirteen day getaway
108.SYSTEM OF A DOWN - toxicity
109.SUEDE - suede
110.COLDPLAY - parachutes

111.NINA HAGEN BAND - unbehagen
112.ROXY MUSIC - stranded
113.NUVOLA BLU - vivere la luna
114.ABHINANDA - the rumble
115.JESUS LIZARD - liar
116.VIRGIN PRUNES - if i die i die
117.DEATH IN JUNE - the guilty have no pride
118.THE GET UP KIDS - something to write home about
119.RAW POWER - screams from the gutter
120.EXODUS - bonded by blood

122.JOE JACKSON BAND - beat crazy
123.TIAMAT - a deeper kind of slumber
124.SEX PISTOLS - never mind the bollocks
125.ENGLISH DOGS - where legend began
126.BAD BRAINS - rock for light
127.PROPAGANDHI - how to clean everything
128.VOLBEAT - guitar gangsters & cadillac blood
129.IGNITE - our darkest days
130.SUCIDAL TENDENCIES - suicidal tendencies

131.LAG WAGON - hoss
132.EPOXIES - epoxies
133.THE BRIEFS - sex objects
134.BRACKET - 924 forestville st.
135.PEGBOY - strong reaction
136.TURBO AC'S - automatic
137.GOOD RIDDANCE - a comprehensive guide to moderne rebellion
138.AFI - december underground
139.SPOOKSHOW - psychosexual chapter 1
140.OTHER - they're alive

141.PARALITIKOS - alas de cuervo
142.HOLY TERROR - terror and submission
143.PRO PAIN - no end in sight
144.THE SPOOK - some like it dead
145.CRIMSON GHOSTS - leaving the tomb
146.BLITZKID - trace of a stranger
147.MASSIVE ATTACK - mezzanine
148.PORTISHEAD - dummy
149.NIRVANA - nevermind
150.THE WHO - quadrophenia

Ne mancano molti, ma la valigia non può essere tanto grande e poi bisogna accontentarsi...

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